Chiropractic and Children

This short and educational movie from the ICPA quickly explains the power of chiropractic. Check out the ICPA website and see how Chiropractic can help children function better, which in […]


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Why Everyone Needs a Chiropractor

A Chiropractor understands two important aspects in life. That the power that made the body can heal the body and that we are under a lot of stress; whether it is physical, […]

Why I Do What I Do…

I’m asked quite often why I don’t take insurance and why my monthly fee is so low at just $84 a month*. Here is as brief an answer to both […]

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The standard and quality of care I provide is the highest I can possibly give you. Insurance companies are not willing to recognize that, nor will they pay for this […]

Our Story

The reason why I say “Our Story” when talking about why I do what I do is that my story includes my brother. Ross was adopted into my family when […]