Chiropractic Membership

Whether you want to pay per visit or enjoy unlimited care, our goal is to make Chiropractic affordable and convenient.

Crescendo Club:  $99 Single  |  $149 Couple  |   $199 Family  |  Single Visit Per Month $37

The monthly membership option is for those who want to maximize their life expression with regular checkups and adjustments. This is an open-ended contract and will automatically renew month to month, regardless of member usage.  (Family is immediate family living at home.)

Per Visit Fees:  $75 First Visit  |  $44 Subsequent Visits

Pay as you go! Discounted prices are available for additional family members. 2nd Person: $22, 3rd Person: $11

Because of the unique nature of our fee system, we CAN NOT and WILL NOT bill traditional health insurance, or accept MVA, Personal Injury, or Workman’s Compensation cases.